SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 Review

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 Review [2020 Updated]

The SIMPSON PS4240 is the best choice for professionals as well as for prosumers. It is one of the best options for job site use, upkeep, and facility, deep outdoor cleaning, or fleet maintenance. The demand for a professional is incorporated into this one product. This machine includes parts such as a HONDA GX390 engine, a reliable AAA industrial triplex pump 50-ft kink and abrasion resistant hose, an ergonomic spray gun, and 5 Quick-connect nozzles.

SIMPSON PS4240 Gas Pressure Washer 

This product can meet the difficult demands of cleaning professionals. To make it powerful, it has a solid steel body, even though it is still extremely compact, easy to transport, load, and setup. You can easily do professional cleaning services with its use, such as Deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal, and all other professional cleaning services.

Hence, making it a tempting choice for all contractors. Even in the harshest environment, this product is optimum for use. This machine has a 3-year limited HONDA commercial engine, 5-year limited pump, 10-year limited frame, and 90 days accessory.

From the Manufacturer

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240

The PowerShot is an extremely direct-drive machine. It is the choice for prosumers as well as for contractors and cleaning professionals who want Simpson’s quality and direct drive simplicity all in one box. High pressure and more water flow during cleaning are the keys to great performance and lesser time in completing the job. It has Heavy-duty welded steel construction with a steel axle frame. To stick by the phrase “Time is Money,” professionals make use of this astonishing product “PowerShot” to get their jobs done.


Specifications of SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240

EngineIt has HONDA GX390 engine with low oil shutdown
PumpThe pump of the machine is AAA Industrial triplex plunger
Pump/Hose ConnectionQuick connect
HoseIt includes Monster Hose 3/8″ x 50′ steel-braided hose
Gun/Hose ConnectionQuick connect
WandIt includes 31inches steel with quick connect and threaded M22 connection
Nozzles0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and Soap nozzles are present
FrameThe frame of this machine is heavy-duty welded steel construction with steel axle
Tires13 inches pneumatic tires are part of this machine

Features of SIMPSON PS4240 Gas Pressure Washer


Weight typically depends on the quality of the machine. This machine is not lightweight but has great quality and amazing features. These features distribute the weight proportionally and help distribute the weight evenly in every direction and part. it Weighs almost about 200 lbs


The distribution of the weight proportionally gives the machines easy transportation. You can easily transport this machine wherever you want as it provides good mobility. The machine has the larger 13’ pneumatic tires and the large offset tabular handle that is the reason for mobility. These features make moving of this heavy PS420 machine extremely easy and comfortable.

PSI Pressure

The machine is admirable when you’ll use it you’ll get to know. In the low PSI pressure pumps, this machine might not be that reliable. Still, when you turn to higher PSI models like the 4000 and 4200, the machine will become a whole lot different machine in terms of performance, reliability, and quality. You must change engine oil and pump oil regularly. It is a powerful pressure washer. Honda engine works and keeps on running for a long period. It is easy to start up.  


You should not run the machine without spraying for a long period since it can damage the internal pistons. If you want to stop operation or just want to step out for even a little while shutting off the machine. The oil bag setup is quite very easy.


The machine has a Honda GX390 engine that gives it an excellent performance. It has a Honda GX390 engine, which produces almost 12hp from the 389cc displacement. This machine provides 20lb-ft of torque from the powerplant at 2,500 RPM. It provides the best performance because the engine includes a low-oil shutdown in case of any engine failures.

AAA Industrial Pump 

This machine includes AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump for pumping the water. The pump has a 5-year limited commercial warranty. It also has a rating of up to 4200 psi at 4.0 GPM. The machine has long-lasting performance because of the dual oversized ball bearings as it provides better wear and friction resistance. You should read the guide before using the washer. There is a need to hook up the water supply with a direct-drive pump. You should turn the power to the switch on position, turn on the gas, close the choke, and pull the cord. The engine will start without issue, and if you want to start it more easily, then you should release pressure on the hose before starting.


This machine has durability because of the heavy-duty matte black steel frame and base plate. It also has a coat for corrosion protection and to make the machine more durable.


Ergonomic spray gun delivers 4 GPM with comfort and control. This machine has Simpson Powershot is a 3/8″ diameter hose, which has a length of 50-feet. There are quick connect couplings on each end. It also has a full-length trigger and a bold lockout. You can easily hold the spray-gun, and the other end offers an area for your additional hand.


This machine is not useful for cold water applications. Low-pressure cleaning like roof cleaning with right attachments etc. are made possible by a pressure adjustment valve. Adding an Errie 20” surface cleaner would help cleaning the sidewalk in 15-20 min while the yellow nozzle is exceptionally good for gum removal. The plastic pump is usually not good since it is broken or does not fit, so I keep the metal plug that it comes with.

Pros of Using SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240

Immensely powerful engine

The device has a powerful engine at high PSI. This powerful engine produces almost 12hp from the 389cc displacement.


This machine is durable because it has a heavy-duty matte black steel frame and base plate. It also has a coat for corrosion protection and to make the machine more durable.


This machine has 3-year limited HONDA commercial engine, 5-year limited pump, 10-year limited frame and 90 days accessory 


The machine has the larger 13’ pneumatic tires and the large offset tabular handle that provides exceptional mobility and transportability. These features make moving of this heavy PS420 machine easy and comfortable.

Cons of Using SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240


There might be a problem with shipping. Sometimes there is a possibility of missing parts and defective parts.

Not reliable at less pressure

The machine might not be reliable at low PSI, so you need to increase the pressure for more reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Simpson pressure washers any good?

Simpsons is one of the most affordable gas power washers, and it also provides reliability, power, and style. It has an industrial-grade triplex pump and Honda engine like the PowerShot.

How do you use detergent in a Simpson pressure washer?

Before washing, you should make sure that the deterrent should not absorb and ruin your landscaping. You have to insert your soap nozzle in the wand. After that, you need to slide on your siphon tube with a filter to pump.

Where are Simpson pressure washers made?

Simpson pressure washers series are made in the USA. It has either Honda or Simpson engines with either AAA or Comet industrial pumps.

Does Simpson make DeWalt pressure washers?

Simpson makes the pressure washers with DeWalt badging in their Decatur, Arkansas facility. With the same assembly line, they also make Simpson branded washers and the industrial Briggs & Stratton washers.

What is the highest PSI for a pressure washer?

High-pressure washer cleaning is 5,000 to 10,000 PSI, while high-pressure water jetting is 10,000 to 25,000 PSI. Ultra-high pressure water jetting is more than 25,000 PSI.


The Simpson PS4240 pressure washer gives the best performance. The machine is admirable when you’ll use it you’ll get to know. This article will give you all the information you need to know about it. The device provides great mobility and transportability.

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