Simpson MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer Review 2020

The Simpson MegaShot MSH3125-S looks quite ugly. But, don’t go for the looks as it is the most portable and durable gas-powered model in the market right now. Don’t you believe us? Do not worry; we’ll explain its all specifications, set-up, use as well as its maintenance so that you’ll probably get to know more about Simpson msh3125-s MegaShotthrough our brief review.

Based on my personal experience, the only reason not to give Simpson msh3125-s MegaShot5-star rating is because of its low-quality customer care services. Beyond this, Simpson MegaShotmsh3125-s is highly recommended. Let’s start with the specifications first.

Specifications of Simpson MSH3125

  • Simpson msh3125-s review suggests that it is heavy as compared to other pressure washers out in the market. It boasts a rating of a whopping 3,100 psi and a 2.5 GPM.
  • The Honda GCV190 OHC engine makes the Simpson no. msh3125-s gas pressure washer more affordable and durable.
  • Majority gas pressure washers need pump oil to operate. But, Simpson MegaShot msh3125-s does not require any pump oil to work.
  • The pressure on the nozzle adjusts through power boost – A technology used for improving the pressure.
  • The engine oil comes along with the package of the gas pressure washer.
  • Simpson’s heavy-duty hose is equipped with quick connections and can bear a lot of pressure.
  • The spray gun contains lock features so that unpleasant incidents can be avoided.
  • The package also includes stainless steel, easy to connect nozzle tips.
  • The color-coded nozzles of Simpson MegaShot gas pressure washer make it easy to identify each of them with their specifications.
  • You can easily switch the nozzles with the help of a steel spray wand.

Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

How to Set-up this Gas Pressure Washer 

You may find some pieces of the product missing when you receive the product. I was provided with the missing parts. Upon contacting their customer support service, the missing pieces were shipped free of cost.

Following are the parts of a product:

  1. Pressure washer
  2. Gun
  3. Hose
  4. Wand
  5. Connect nozzle tips (probably 5 in amount)
  6. Engine oil
  7. Start-up guide
  8. Manual guide
  9. Detergent tube along with a filter

The manual guide elaborates on the process step by step in a natural way. Simpson’s msh3125-s review reveals that the assembly process is straightforward and does not require any tool. The pressure washer starts by merely pressing the ON button. For the further thorough explanation regarding assembly and start-up, if needed, you may refer to the operator’s manual for your ease.

After the proper set-up, it’s time to move towards the appropriate use of a gas pressure washer. Slightly wrong use may lead you towards massive destruction.

How to Use

According to our Simpson MegaShot msh3125-s review, the powerful washer indeed does justice by cleaning everything you could think. The 3,100 psi is capable of even cleaning sidings and peel paint too. You would love the way it removes the dirt and grime within seconds.

Keep in mind the appropriate use of nozzle for a particular task; otherwise, it may lead to severe destruction of your specific belongings. I found that a powerful pressure washer is capable of destroying hard objects, including wood if the pressure is not established accordingly. It can leave a dent if directly hit the surface with high pressure.

With the use of every product comes responsibility for its maintenance. I have mentioned the support needed for the gas pressure washer below.


The manual is clear and concise regarding the upkeep of Simpson MSH3125-S. Be sure about the following mentioned things:

  1. Replace the engine oil regularly. Try to change the oil when it is warm.
  2. Keep a check on a spark plug. Clean the area around the plus before removal so that debris may not fall into the combustion chamber.
  3. Keep the air filter clean and replace when needed.
  4. Read the manual recommendations regarding the actual amount of fuel and additives to be used.
  5. Reconnect the spark plug before every use.

If you get all the product parts at once, then you are the luckiest customer because I found a nut missing, which I came to know about from the manual provided; otherwise, I would never be able to get to know. In many cases, customers receive some missing parts, and upon asking, their customer service is deplorable too. Let’s move towards some other essential points, one of which is the noise of gas pressure washer Simpson msh3125-s.


Your ears might not find it pleasing because of its sound. Along with this, your eyes will not find Simpson MSH3125-S pleasant because of its ugly structure, but this is the fact that it makes it light in weight. It emits dizzying fumes as well; therefore, it is an outdoor tool. In comparison with the GX200 engine, Simpson megashotmsh3125-s review suggests that this pressure washer sound a little less noisy.


Because of its high pressure, avoid using it for cleaning your car or furniture. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for the damage yourself. Besides this, you can easily cope up with every house core using a gas pressure washer.


Stainless steel, inflated smooth wheels give the gas pressure washer durability and portability. It is a durable machine that lasts for a period beyond your imaginations. Fortunately, if a part refuses to work further, you can quickly repair a specific region at a nominal cost.


The power produced by a pump and engine all together is around 3100 PSI. The free brass axial cam pump is long-lasting as it will last for a couple of years though it does not acquire the best class. A steel lance, five spray nozzles coded with different colors, and spray guns, you will get sufficient extension of power and output. The Simpson megashotmsh3125-s is much reliable and affordable because it produces an equivalent power at the least cost as compared to the other competitive models of the gas pressure washer.

Customer Support

Terrible and poor customer support is the reason it’s not rated 5 out of 5. After finding any technical issue or for any other purpose, do not expect a quick resolution of your problems from the customer service.

I had to wait a long after asking for the missing parts of Simpson megashotmsh3125-s. First of all, the person over the receiver does not understand what you are telling him. They seem not interested in helping or sorting out the problem faced by their customers.

Let me sum the pros and cons of Simpson Megashotmsh3125-S so that you can easily decide whether to buy the gas pressure washer or not.

  • Durable and efficient
  • Long-lasting engine and pump
  • Best portable gas pressure washer
  • 3100 PSI pressure
  • 2,3 GPM Honda GC190 engine
  • Easy to move
  • Lightweight
  • Removes dust and regime
  • The pump quickly falters just like other models of Simpson.
  • Ugly look.
  • Quite noisy and emit dizzying fumes

With a complete detailed instruction manual, you’ll find to operate Simpson megashotmsh3125-s very conveniently. Including assembling the parts, the manual will guide you about the proper use of gas pressure washer too. The assembling of parts does not require any rocket science. You’ll be guided step by step most efficiently through the manual provided along with the product itself.

My Verdict

In comparison with other models, Simpson megashotmsh3125 S review reveals that it is less costly while providing the equivalent power output as its competitors. I want to rate 4.3/5 based on my review. The poor customer support is quite irritating, but the fact that you are paying less for something more powerful and worthy drops the negative impact of customer support.

The short of it is that it is easy to set-up and use having an efficient and capable engine. The material of the gas pressure washer used, and the smooth pneumatic smooth tires used are durable and long-lasting. The Simpson megashotmsh3125-s review suggests that it has an excellent cleaning power having tons of energy, which finishes the work with a single blink of an eye.

The faults are dealt with after the Simpson customer service properly examine the actual failure. They inspect the nature of the mistake first, and then after further proceedings and review, they decide whether to pay for the fault or not. If the manufacturers’ side inspects the failure, then they pay for the repair.

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