PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer 3100 PSI Review

PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer 3100 PSI Review 2020

Are you a fussy person and think a lot before purchasing any product? Don’t worry while buying gas pressure washer as our PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer 3100 PSI review will make it easy to decide whether to buy it or not. PowerBoss 3100 PSI can fulfill all your household needs as it is designed for residential purposes. The ability of PowerBoss 3100 PSI gas pressure washer to tackle your problems at its best is loved by many users out there.

Best Gas Pressure Washer 3100 PSI

With the help of multi-purpose nozzle tips, PowerBoss doesn’t decide the task to complete; instead, it does what you want it to do. In just a matter of minutes, it copes up with the task assigned efficiently and swiftly. Just press a start button, and here you go! Enjoy cleaning your surroundings within a blink of an eye.

You will never face oil leakage problems and dirty footprints. Investment in PowerBoss 3100 PSI will give you the best outcome in the form of time-saving and perfect cleaning, leaving the surface neat and tidy.


The best Honda GC190 OHV engine

The engine has a displacement capacity and overall power of 187cc. The power engine ensures the perfect outcome within a limited time. The reliable and easy to move PowerBoss 3100 PSI engine is less noisy as compared to other gas power pressures in the market. Moreover, an axial cam pump technology makes it more compatible and user-friendly. The Honda GC190 OHV engine of PowerBoss 3100 PSI has an extended-lasting warranty as well, so that your investment may not turn out to be worthless.

PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer

You will not find the best replaceable of the PowerBoss in the whole world. The power delivered by its engine is beyond imagination. It provides an enormous pressure of 3100 PSI. 3100 GPM machine in terms of volume of water produced is the best out in the market up to the date. The product provides the overall 7750 cleaning units. The fantastic power delivery will ensure you complete the assigned task efficiently.

Onboard attached Detergent tank

The built-in detergent tank attached to the gas pressure washer is unique in its style. This tank performs the task of holding water up to a gallon. You can add the detergents as well so that the surfaces you clean with the help of PowerBoss 3100 PSI become neat and tidy, giving perfect shine. The soap makes it more comfortable to wash the untidy surface within less time.

Robust, smooth and pneumatic two-wheel cart

The smoot and pneumatic 10 inches ensure the mobility of the machine. The PowerBoss is easy to move from place to place. Despite the surface used beneath the tires, it does not make them inflatable at all. The best quality makes your investment worth it.

Onboard Unit for carrying multiple pieces of equipment

The machine includes several pieces, including hose, spray wand, nozzles along with some other stuff. The best part of the device is that it carries an onboard unit attached so that all the equipment can be stored effectively. You do not need to worry about losing such material quickly in the presence of an onboard attached Unit. The unique design reduces the overall storage space, as well.

Best quality spray wand and pro-style nozzles

You will have many varying pro-style nozzle tips, including 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 40 degrees, and 65 degrees, which is a low-pressure nozzle tip used for coping with comparatively lighter projects. With the varying project natures, PowerBoss will ease your work by providing you with various nozzle tips as per the requirements.

The hard surfaces will need a nozzle tip having high pressure as compared to the soft surface areas. High-pressure nozzle tip used for smooth surfaces will lead to severe destruction and damage to the particular area where the pressure will hit. Therefore, choose the nozzle tip wisely by keeping the need and use in your mind.

25 ft Pressure hose

You don’t have to carry the machine for every little distance as the 25-foot long high-pressure hose ease your task by allowing the device to cover significantly larger miles by stretching to some extent. Therefore, it avoids you to move the machine unnecessarily and to finish the work efficiently and rapidly.

The dimension of the product

With an overall weight of around 62 pounds, this product is the lightest as compared to its competitors. It is not heavy and easily moveable having dimensions of 24 x 22.5 x 20.5 inches.


Specifications of the engine used

Engine brand: Honda GC 190 OHV

CC Power: 187 CC

Size of the fuel tank: 0.475 gallons

Cleaning Speed: 7750 Cleaning units

Specifications of Axial Cam Pump

Type of pump: Axial cam pump

Adjustable pressure of pump: Not adjustable

Chemical injection system: Single detergent tank

The capacity of detergent tank: 1 Gallon

The temperature of water: Cold

Water pressure and water flow: 3100 PSI and 2.5 GPM respectively

Specifications of hose 

Storage of hose: Hook

Length of tube: 25 feet

The material of hose: Plastic

The diameter of hose: ¼ inches

Connections of hose: M22

Wheels: Smooth and semi-pneumatic

Specifications of Spray Wand

Connection of Spray Gun: M22 Connection

Grade of Spray Gun: Residential

Spray Gun Wand Type: Single wand

Spray gun nozzle tips: Quick connect four nozzle tips

Availability of Turbo Nozzle: Sold separately 

Overview of PowerBoss 3100 PSI

Weight of PowerBoss 3100 PSI: 70 pounds

Consumer warranty provided: 2 years

Width: 23 inches

Height: 20 inches

Length: 27 inches

UPC: 011675206499

Additional Model Numbers: 20649, 020649

After having a detailed discussion on specifications and features, we have gathered the pros and cons based on the PowerBoss 3100 PSI review.

Pros of PowerBoss 3100 PSI

  • The advanced technology makes it more durable and easy to accomplish the task assigned. The axial cam pump needs less effort to start the engine and enhances the overall performance of PowerBoss 3100 PSI.
  • The volumetric flow of 2.7 GPM ensures that the necessary amount of water delivers to the consumer. The maintenance-free pump makes it more attractive, and the consumer tends to invest by buying the product.
  • The enhanced and trustworthy quality of material used enhances the reliability of the machine. The brand has won the trust of a large number of customers within a short period. The engine used is manufactured by one of the renowned companies, which is likely to be trusted very quickly by the end users without any pause.
  • The attached onboard detergent tank is unique and vital. It allows you to have a mixture of detergent along with the water so that this application will lead to a smooth and shiny surface. Various types of tasks need multiple kinds of pressure. Therefore, in keeping the variability of the job in mind, the product provides you the four unique nozzle tips to tackle different tasks.
  • The features and specifications of the product make it quite worthy. Based on the review of features and specs, the price seems affordable. The best quality and extended-lasting warranty of the machine are not compromised at all, although the device is cheap.
  • As compared to other similar products, the review suggests that they have a miserable and exhausting customer service. But, in case of PowerBoss 3100 PSI, you will face the best customer service ever provided. You can easily ask relevant questions and get solutions for your problem anytime through their reliable customer service.

Cons of PowerBoss 3100 PSI

  • Although a 25 ft. Long hose eases the task of cleaning a wide surface area, but, still, it is not long enough as per the needs of the consumers.

Customer-Based Reviews

We have gathered the reviews given by some buyers on PowerBoss 3100 PSI. The reviews are as follows:

“After searching a lot for the best gas pressure washer, we finally came through PowerBoss 3100 PSI, which gives the best experience and keeps you ahead of others.”

“Having an experience of several other relevant machines, I must say this machine never disappoints. Best in quality and specifications, PowerBoss 3100 PSI, is always my priority.”


It is time to just give our final thought on PowerBoss 3100 PSI. After getting all the information, it is up to you now whether to purchase it or not. The product is best able to cope up with all your cleaning projects. You don’t only get the best performance out of it but the best warranty as well. The investment by purchasing it will not be wasted and will give you the best outcome in the result.

You’ll not have to learn how to use the particular product by paying someone, but a somewhat manual operation booklet will sort out all your worries regarding its operation. Just go through the instructions provided by the company, press the start button, choose the relevant nozzle tip, and enjoy the cleaning of your favorite household items. Therefore, it is just a right and reliable kind of machine out in the market till yet.

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