Gas or Electric Pressure Washer

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer Which is Better

Pressure washing is where we use high-pressure water to get large surfaces or machines free from molds, grim, dust, chewing gum, and other dirty stuff. Let’s discuss in detail about Gas or Electric Pressure Washer what are the factors which one should consider before buying.

Types of Pressure Washers 

The use of pressure washers is prominently beneficial for cleaning Gutters, roofs, decks, sidewalks, patios, driveways, parking lots, claddings, etc.

The industrial trash makes things look dirty and unamusing. Pressure washers are big helpers in this concern. The pressure washers use gallons or liters of water per minute and consist of some jets that make the task done.

The popular types of pressure washer that today market has earned are:

  1. Cold pressure washers.
  2. Hot pressure washers.
  3. Gas pressure washers and
  4. Electric pressure washers.

Here in this chapter, we will only be concerned with two types of pressure washers Gas pressure washers and electric pressure washers.

We will get answers of a few questions about these pressure washers which are:

  1. What is the gas pressure washer?
  2. What is the electric power washer?
  3. Which is better gas or electric pressure washer?

We will also discuss and compare the types mentioned above of pressure washers and answer the questions mentioned above.

When you finally will make your mind up to buy a pressure washer. After reading such dynamic research, you will be clear with your answer to the question that Should I get electric or gas pressure washer?

So let’s get started answering your questions to make your research done.

Gas Pressure Washers

Gas pressure washers are a powerful unit for the application of high water pressure for cleaning dirt from heavy-duty applications. If you are looking for a portable unit to wash the stuff inside your home or if you need a tool for your cleaning, your bigger business appliances or devices that requires powerful heavy-duty pressure washers. The gas pressure washer is an excellent option to choose from the list.

TACKLIFE Gas Washer 3300PSI 2.6GPM


Electric Pressure Washers


Electric pressure washers are an affordable choice for everyday cleaning employment for household work and also for businesses. To clean inside in your home or to use for outside cleaning surfaces, all you want is an efficient energy unit to a gas pressure washer, an electric power washer best alternative.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Which is better gas or electric pressure washer?

Various factors affect the choice of pressure washers; some of them are here:

PSI Factor

The pressure of the power washer is among the highly concerned factor in the decision of your pressure washer unit.

Here to conclude that the electric power washer generally produces among 1500 to 1800 PSI for letting the task done. It can hardly be crossing 2000 PSI.

On the other hand, an average gas power washer produces among 2000 PSI to 2500 PSI, which is better than any expensive electric power washer. Increasing your cost will let you enjoy more benefits.

A costly gas pressure washer allows even 4000 PSI.

GPM Factor

Once again, a gas pressure washer is going to beat an electric power washer for the GPM factor.

The electric power washers give the 1.5 GPM pressure and not more than it, whereas, in the case of gas pressure washers, some of the versions of gas pressure washers produce the same GPM, but others produce up to 2.5 GPM pressure. Gas power washers are good at quality.

Indoor Winner

Collectively we can say that electric power washers are indoor winners because they do not produce harmful fumes like gas pressure washers.

Electric power washers are good at their indoor working as they are small in size; they carry lightweight and are easily maintainable.

Electric power washers are portable and quiet but require a proper electrical supply.

Outdoor Winner

Of course, gas pressure washers are the outdoor winners as they perform heavy-duty cleaning because of the better PSI and GPM factor.

Gas pressure washers are durable and do not often need replacements of the parts of the unit.

But, Gas pressure washer loses for the powering them up because they do not start automatically but manually.

Here we clearly cannot declare any pressure washer unit as the winner because every pressure washers come with strengths and weaknesses. If an electric pressure washer is suitable for indoor working, the gas pressure washer is good for outdoor cleaning work.

Gas pressure washer releases harmful fumes that cannot be used indoor but maintainable in free sites.

Note: Here, the terms pressure washer and power washer are used in the article interchangeably.

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